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In my lifetime, the American culture has shifted from "faith is central" to "faith is irrelevant" and now to "faith is dangerous."   There was a day when the church was the most …Continue reading...


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Prayer Requests

prayer request

 posted by: Dana Gonder on 11/8/2014

Please keep him in your prayer he had by pass surgery which doctors could not believe he was alive!! Then the doctors found and abdominal aortic aneurysm. SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST

18 people are praying

Jerry Boundy's Health

 posted by: on 7/22/2014

It was recently discovered during a heart catheterization procedure at the hospital that Jerry had some closed and partially closed arteries. They put in a stent and will treat him with a change to his medication. In the past month or more he... SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST

10 people are praying

Pray for Sarah Dean's Family

 posted by: on 7/21/2014

On Monday morning, July 21, Sarah's grandfather passed away. Please be in prayer for her family and that she & Isaac will be able to minister to them. SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST

10 people are praying

Mercedes Beach

 posted by: on 4/17/2014

9 yr old girl recently diagnosed with leukemia. SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST

22 people are praying